Happily Ever After at Pleasant Hill Estate

Late in the summer, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of some dear friends and the ceremony was held at a property that I sold.

I originally met the sellers, Larry and Birgit, through their winery and we became longtime friends. When they decided to move, I was thrilled at the opportunity to represent their stunning Pleasant Hill Estate in Carnation.

image1 (3).jpeg

While the property was already under contract, Samantha and Xander gave me a call and were heartbroken to hear it already had a buyer. Regardless, they begged to see the property. We spent nearly two hours touring the 3-acre property, and when we finished, the sellers invited us to join them as they tasted the new wines they were making. It was the icing on the cake for the couple, who made an offer the next day. The original buyer was unable to complete the purchase, so Sam and Xander were able to close on the property a few weeks later.

For years Larry and Birgit had a thriving wedding event business, as well as an award-winning winery. Samantha and Xander plan to continue the wine and wedding legacy. In the months that followed, the buyers and sellers developed an amazing relationship and worked together to transfer ownership, but also shared the memories and wisdom of one generation supporting the dreams of the next.

Along the way, the buyers and I became friends as well. I've referred them to agents in other states to help with family properties. They've participated in my marketing (they are the beautiful couple in my brand video), and I even gave them some of my special family heirlooms to help fill their new home.

Samantha and Xander’s wedding took place at Pleasant Hill Estate, and making their dreams a reality was a major theme of the day. The beautiful property was the focal point of their special day and the perfect venue for their celebration. I sat with Larry and Birgit, watching Sam and Xander say their vows and celebrate in their new home, and reveled in the proverbial passing of the torch. It was a magical day to share with these friends, and a very special opportunity as a realtor, where doing my job had such reward.