Want to Live Near the New Light Rail? Consider These Eastside Neighborhoods


We are just a few short years away from a Seattle and Eastside connection via the Light Rail system and though it may seem far out, you’ll want to keep these future stations in mind as you select your Eastside enclave. Seattle Magazine  shared a few of the best neighborhoods in Bellevue and Redmond that will afford seamless city access upon Light Rail completion.


Since Microsoft selected Overlake for its headquarters location three decades ago, the area has become a destination for the company’s tech employees. Residents of Overlake enjoy easy access to tech companies and strip malls filled with amenities, in addition to close proximity to State Route 520 and a robust public transportation system. There are many high-end housing options constructed from 1990 to present, in addition to condominium and apartments. Overlake is also a very diverse neighborhood and its businesses and restaurants reflect that, with Indian, Chinese, and Pakistani destinations. As Seattle Mag outlines, “from Microsoft’s approximately 500-acre campus to Nintendo of America, Overlake is a true tech center and Washington’s third-largest employment center, with about 46,000 jobs. The City of Redmond predicts that number will grow to 70,000 by 2030.”

Median Home Price: $870,000    |   The Light Rail Station at SR-520 and 152nd Ave NE is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Looking for an alternative to Overlake? Consider Bridle Trails, a heavily-wooded equestrian neighborhood located 10 minutes from Overlake.


Having long progressed from its logging town roots, Wilburton is a well-established neighborhood marked by tree-lined streets and a range of housing options. Wilburton is home to numerous big-box stores and amenities, and affords a convenient location near shopping at Crossroads and downtown Bellevue. Highlights of the neighborhood include Kelsey Creek Park, which spans 150 acres, and the 53-acre Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Median Home Price: $935,400   |   The Light Rail Station is expected to open in 2023.

Looking for an alternative to Wilburton? Consider Woodridge, situated directly south of Wilburton.

The Spring District

Since Coca Cola and Safeway opened distribution centers in the 16-block commercial area now known as the Spring District, it has become ever more popular and is now undergoing a major refresh. There are now hundreds of apartments located along its streets and it is slated to grow further with the speculation of Facebook offices in the area and the already planned new REI headquarters. The Spring District, once the Light Rail opens, will provide an ideal position for those that want to pivot both west to downtown Seattle and to the rest of the Eastside. Bordering Lake Bellevue, The Spring District is also home to a lovely group of businesses and restaurants.

Median Home Price: $1,027,300   |   The Light Rail Station is expected to open in 2023.

Looking for an alternative to The Spring District? Look outward to BelRed at large, of which The Spring District is a small part.